Xoriant launches generative AI Platform Orian – Times of India

Xoriant launches generative AI Platform Orian - Times of India


Digital engineering services company, Xoriant has launched a generative AI platform called Orian. The initial application developed on the ORIAN platform caters to the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). This application harnesses the capabilities of AI, ML, and analytics to automate and expedite the contact detection and inspection process for Contact Sport Analytics. Its primary goal is to support the NFLPA in ensuring and improving player safety, which remains a core objective for the organisation.

Orian provides a wide array of use cases and models that empower clients to readily adopt AI and Generative AI in their operations, fostering efficiency and competitiveness. The platform seamlessly integrates turnkey industry solutions, an extensive partner network, accelerators, and ethical design frameworks for application development. This comprehensive approach enables businesses to harness the full potential of AI while maintaining a competitive edge in their respective industries.
“We are thrilled with Xoriant’s ability to leverage technology, especially AI for enabling us in our objective of ensuring player safety with agility and accuracy. It has reduced our efforts by 90% in real-time illegal contacts identification and helps us to make quicker inferences through the player insight dashboard. With its self-learning attributes, it is a game-changer for us in this fast-paced sports of NFL,” said Richard Persons, Director, Information Systems, NFLPA.


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