Xiaomi Electric Car: Smartphone major Xiaomi’s first electric car could be powered by 101 kWh Li-ion battery: Picture leaked – Times of India

Xiaomi Electric Car: Smartphone major Xiaomi's first electric car could be powered by 101 kWh Li-ion battery: Picture leaked - Times of India


With the global push towards electrification of transportation, Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company and one of the best-selling smartphone manufacturers in India, has been developing the MS11, its first-ever electric car. Yes, you heard that right! In the recent developments around the same, an image of an EV battery has been leaked in China revealing a tad bit of specifications, including the power output.
As seen in the image shared by Twitter user, Greg Kable, the MI-branded Li-ion EV battery suggests that the consumer electronics major’s maiden EV will get a 101 kWh battery with maximum voltage governed at 726.7 volts and 139 Ah of capacity.

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The images of the electric car had earlier surfaced on the internet. The MS11 electric sedan borrows its design cues from BYD Seal, which is confirmed to make a debut in India sometime later this year.
Xioami hasn’t revealed any technical specifications of the model yet. However, as per speculations, it will boast a driving range of 1,000 kilometres on a single charge. Thus, it will potentially eliminate any kind of range anxiety in charging-infra lacking markets like our own (if the manufacturer plans to bring it to our shores anytime soon).
The Chinese EV market commands a major global market share, thanks to a host of successful OEMs, including BYD and SAIC-GM-Wuling.
Xiaomi is known for aggressive pricing of its products and if it price-tags its EV offering aggressively enough, it might become a market disruptor in global markets, including India. However, localisation level would be a huge factor for that to happen.
It remains to be seen whether Xiaomi, which currently boasts of six smartphone manufacturing units in India, will enter the resource-rich Indian market in its new EV OEM avatar.


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