Vision Pro: Passwords, locks, no unauthorised access: Apple’s strict guidelines for developers on Vision Pro – Times of India

Vision Pro: Passwords, locks, no unauthorised access: Apple's strict guidelines for developers on Vision Pro - Times of India


Earlier this year in June, Apple made quite a splash when it unveiled Vision Pro, a brand new product which marks the company’s entry in a new category. Vision Pro is a headset designed to blend augmented reality, mixed reality or what Apple calls it spatial computing. This week Apple revealed that a Vision Pro Developer Kit will be sent out to a select developers to test, develop and run apps on the Vision Pro. A report by 9to5Mac reveals Apple’s strict guidelines for developers before using it.

Passwords, locks and more

Apple is an extremely strict company when it comes to secrecy. With the developer kit now being in open — in some way at least — Apple has issued strict guidelines for developers before they sign the agreement. According to the report, developers are not authroised to give access to or let anyone else use the Developers Kit (or DK as Apple has called it). Furthermore, developers are told that it should be used within areas that are “fully enclosed with solid doors, floors, walls and ceiling, and locks that can be engaged”. Apple has also said that no one else — including any family, friends, roommates or household employees — do not access, view, handle, or use the DK.
The guidelines get stricter as Apple has told developers that the “DK should be in your positive control (on your person or within Your direct line of sight) at all times.”
The developers kit shouldn’t be left unattended (in a bar or any public place) and that it is passcode protected. “When not in use, turn off the DK and store it in its locked Pelican case in a locked space that only You have access to (e.g., a locked room or closet, a safe or locked drawer).” Yes, Apple wants developers to keep it in a safe.
Developers are also not allowed to move it from the address it has been shipped to without Apple’s prior written consent. “If you will be away from your workspace for more than 10 days, consult with your Apple point of contact about how to keep the DK safe while You are away,” Apple has advised developers.


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