Uorfi Javed Makes Bold Statement On Rising Tomato Prices, Flaunts Tomato Earrings As ‘New Gold’

Uorfi Javed Makes Bold Statement On Rising Tomato Prices, Flaunts Tomato Earrings As 'New Gold'


Uorfi Javed has once again turned heads with her fashion choices, using tomatoes as unique earrings to highlight the soaring prices of the fruit in the country, playfully dubbing them the “new gold”. In her recent Instagram post, the actor and social media influencer shared a video showcasing her wearing earrings made from tomatoes while playfully chewing on one. Captioning her post with, “Tomatoes are the new gold,” Uorfi also shared pictures of herself in the same striking look. Alongside these, she included news reports about the escalating tomato prices and even featured actor Suniel Shetty’s comments on the matter.

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The post garnered humorous responses from Instagram users, with one jokingly suggesting she sold half her top to buy tomatoes and another playfully praising her for flaunting her unique talents. Some even expressed their support for “justice for tomatoes”.

Earlier, Suniel Shetty voiced his concern over the rising tomato prices in India and revealed that he had to cut down on tomato consumption due to the escalating costs. As a restaurateur who grows fruits and vegetables at his Khandala farmhouse, he shared that he opts to purchase fresh produce from apps due to their comparatively lower prices.

The tomato prices surge was attributed to heavy rains in Maharashtra during the first week of May, resulting in significant crop losses for farmers and leading to higher prices in the retail market across various locations in the state. Currently, tomatoes are being reportedly sold at Rs 160 and Rs 190.

As Uorfi Javed creatively brings attention to this economic issue, it highlights the impact of rising tomato prices on consumers and the need for sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector.


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