Twitter Down For Several Users In India

Twitter Down For Several Users In India


Twitter on Friday experienced an outage with many users rushing to “check” if the micro-blogging site was indeed down. This comes within a day of Meta-owned WhatsApp being hit by a global outage. It is being said that the Twitter web client has been experiencing issues while the app is working fine. According to outrage detection site, users have indicated possible problems while using Twitter. According to the outage detection portal, users in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other Indian cities flagged experiencing issues in the past 24 hours. Elon Musk-owned Twitter crashed for hundreds of users earlier this month too.

According to the site, the other Indian cities affected by the Twitter glitch were Chennai, Hyderabad and Nagpur with a few reports coming from Madurai and Coimbatore as well. Some users took to Twitter and mention that the micro-blogging site suffered an outage for only five minutes.

Meanwhile, thousands of users globally could not use Meta-owned WhatsApp in the wake of an outage. More than 26,000 people reported an outage on the messaging service by Meta in the US. The issue was soon acknowledged by Meta whish also said it was working on a resolution. The company had posted the update via its Twitter handle.

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