Threads: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joins Facebook’s Thread, read his first post – Times of India

Threads: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joins Facebook's Thread, read his first post - Times of India


Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella has joined Facebook’s Twitter rival Threads. Nadella joined Threads on the day Facebook parent Meta and Microsoft announced their AI partnership. “What a great day to join Threads! We’re thrilled to expand our AI partnership with Meta, as we bring their Llama family of large language models to Azure, and deliver on our own vision to be the preferred cloud for both frontier and open models,” wrote Nadella in his first-ever post on Threads. He also shared the link to a Microsoft blog announcing the partnership.
Other big tech CEOs on Threads include Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. The founders of Microsoft and Amazon Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos respectively too have their account on the platform. Apple CEO Tim Cook is yet to join the platform.
As for brands, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are there, along with, of course, Facebook and Meta. While Apple does not yet have an account on Threads, there are accounts for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple News and Apple Book. But yes, these accounts are yet to post anything.
A dream start
Facebook launched Threads on July 6. “Threads, an Instagram app,” is how the app describes itself on Apple and Google’s app stores. The app had a blazing start and crossed 100 million sign-ups in less than a week of its launch. This is the fastest that an app has been able to achieve this number so far.
However, new reports suggested that the app has already started witnessing a decline in daily active users. This seems to have not dented Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s confidence. “I’m very optimistic about how the Threads community is coming together. Early growth was off the charts, but more importantly 10s of millions of people now come back daily. That’s way ahead of what we expected. The focus for the rest of the year is improving the basics and retention. It’ll take time to stabilize, but once we nail that then we’ll focus on growing the community. We’ve run this playbook many times (FB, IG, Stories, Reels, etc) and I’m confident Threads is on a good path too,” he wrote in a post on Threads.
It seems Meta CEO is positioning the app’s engagement numbers as a win, not a loss


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