Threads, Meta’s Viral Twitter Rival, Sees Decline In Engagement, Growth: Report

Threads, Meta's Viral Twitter Rival, Sees Decline In Engagement, Growth: Report


User engagement on Threads, the new social media platform by Meta, has shown some decline in growth and engagement after reporting a record 100 million sign-ups in just five days. As reported by CNBC, data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb indicates a decrease in daily active users and time spent on the platform. Despite a strong launch, it appears that Threads may face challenges in becoming a regular part of users’ social network routines.

The backing of Mark Zuckerberg-owned Meta and integration with Instagram provide Threads with advantages, but it will need a more compelling value proposition to establish itself beyond being seen as a Twitter alternative. Similarweb data also suggests a drop in usage time, indicating that not all users have made visiting Threads a habitual practice compared to other social apps.

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Threads has garnered attention for its Instagram sign-up integration, algorithmic feed, and positive feedback from advertisers. It is still early days for Threads, and it is common for sign-up momentum to taper off as users explore new services. Meta acknowledges the initial success of Threads and emphasises their focus on ensuring stability, introducing new features, and enhancing the user experience.

The platform’s divergence from news and politics sets it apart from Twitter, potentially attracting different user segments. Early indicators suggest that Threads has the potential to compete with Twitter and capture significant usage, as some engagement appears to have been redirected from Twitter to Threads. However, additional features like hashtags and the topical search will be essential for Threads to fulfil its potential.

Meanwhile, a recent analysis conducted by The Daily Beast revealed that a minimum of 31 Twitter employees had registered accounts on Meta’s Threads, a new social media platform. The publication randomly selected 133 Twitter employees based on their LinkedIn profiles and cross-referenced them with Threads accounts, although independent verification of this information was not possible.


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