The great iPhone rush: Apple brings the buzz back with iPhone 15 series – Times of India

The great iPhone rush: Apple brings the buzz back with iPhone 15 series - Times of India


It was perhaps in 2017 when people actively stood outside stores to get their hands on an iPhone. That was because the iPhone X was pitched as at the 10th anniversary edition iPhone and Apple dramatically changed its design. Every year there are stores across the world where a sizeable chunk of eager beavers but this year seems different. The iPhone 15 series went on sale today and serpentine queues have been seen in New Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Australia and other locations.
The iPhone always has been an object of desire and fascination. There’s a section of people who just simply want to have an iPhone. And then there is a section that aspires to have an iPhone. Of course, there exists another section which just doesn’t want an iPhone but the first two are the people who queue outside these stores. Take the case of a man from Ahmedabad who came in 18 hours before Apple BKC to be the first to get his hands on the new iPhone Pro Max. He also purchased a pair of new AirPods Pro as well as the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Now, you might turn him a “fanboy” but there are many like him across the world. The cult of Apple is still very strong and the iPhone remains one of its biggest driving forces.

A brand new store(y)

There’s more excitement around the iPhone 15 series as this is the first time iPhones are being sold at Apple Stores in India. Earlier this year, Apple opened its first two stores — Apple BKC and Apple Saket — in India. Apple opened both the stores two hours early for the sale. Also, there is still excitement around both the Apple Stores. Buying a new iPhone from the first-ever stores in India is apparently a big deal. Case in point: a gentleman who travelled all the way from Bangalore. Or another from Ahmedabad who had come for the opening of Apple BKC as well.
Wendy Beckman, senior market director, EMEIA, was back in India to mark the sale of the new iPhones and other products in India.
“It’s amazing to be back in India celebrating the launch of our incredible new products with our teams and customers at Apple BKC,” she said. “Our teams are so excited to be sharing the all-new iPhone 15 lineup, and our new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 featuring our first ever carbon neutral models,” she added.
Apple has introduced the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in all-new titanium finishes. There is enough curiosity among people to just see even if not buy the iPhones. A lot of the crowd at these stores could be ‘window’ shoppers. But one thing is clear Apple has managed to create quite a bit of buzz with the iPhone 15 series.


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