Super App: Angel One launches #SuperIsHere campaign: Details – Times of India

Super App: Angel One launches #SuperIsHere campaign: Details - Times of India


Fintech company Angel One (formerly known as Angel Broking) has launched the #SuperIsHere campaign. It is an AI-powered campaign that aims to encourage and empower billions across the nation to leverage the power of data and technology in their wealth-creation journey with the Angel One Super App.

The #SuperIsHere campaign is driven by the Swedish director Anders Forsman, enlightens investors, traders, and users that the Super App platform is now available for the diverse investment journey. Through influencer partnerships, social media posts, business channels, news channels, Google, Meta advertisements, OTTs etc, this tech-powered campaign communicates how GenZ and Millennials can leverage the Super App for a customised and simplified investment experience. To bring the SuperApp experience live in Tier 2, Tier 3 and beyond cities, the company has also planned activation programs at a large scale.
“Our mission is to empower every Indian investor through Angel One Super App, delivering a seamless and technologically advanced experience for investing and trading at all levels. We have utilized extensive data to comprehend client needs, enabling us to tailor curated journeys within the app. Through the #SuperIsHere campaign, we showcase the advantages of the Angel One Super App, aiming to attract more clients and expand into underpenetrated markets, thereby fostering organic growth,” said Prabhakar Tiwari, chief growth officer, Angel One Ltd.

“We completed 100% rollout of the Super App earlier this year. It has been built with deep understanding of how mobile apps are integral to our lives, and investors and traders are no different. #SuperIsHere campaign would create pan India awareness and appeal for our SuperApp,” said Dinesh Thakkar, chairman and managing director, Angel One Ltd.


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