Parambrata Chattopadhyay: I haven’t yet fulfilled my wish, I want to make more films | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Parambrata Chattopadhyay: I haven’t yet fulfilled my wish, I want to make more films | Hindi Movie News - Times of India


Actor-director Parambrata Chattopadhyay has developed a knack for selecting successful projects, evident from his fruitful journey in the Hindi OTT space and performances like his role as Feluda in the Bengali web series ‘Gangtok-e Gondogol’. His two recent Bengali releases, ‘Shibpur‘ and ‘Biye Bibhrat’ have also garnered commendable reviews from critics and fans.

When ETimes asked Parambrata about his challenges as an actor, he shared how he loves exploring projects that pull him out of his comfort zone or that he finds straightforward enough to perform with ease. His performances in ‘Jehanabad’ and the yet-to-be-released ‘Mumbai Diaries’ Season 2 challenged his boundaries. “My approach towards selecting a project is twofold. First, the project must resonate with me and the audience. I don’t shy away from similar roles I have portrayed previously if the film’s theme aligns with the audience’s taste. Conversely, if a film’s subject doesn’t meet the audience’s current preferences, the role must be intriguing, challenging, and distinctive. If the role is ordinary, it must be extremely so, and if it’s extraordinary, it must truly stand out. I find this balance both challenging and satisfying,” explained Parambrata at the sideline of a recent event in Kolkata.

Although Parambrata has achieved fame as an actor, his initial aspiration was to be a filmmaker. “I still think why I didn’t fully realize this ambition. Now I want to direct more films. For instance, ‘Abhijaan’ and ‘Boudi Canteen‘, both of which I believe deserved greater success and outreach but the timing of the release wasn’t right. The box office numbers might not be impressive but ‘Boudi Canteen’ performed wonderfully well on OTT,” adds the actor-director.
He also reflects on the changing landscape of Bengali cinema, “I have seen a shift in the audience’s preferences due to the pandemic and economic difficulties. The viewers are now more inclined towards middle-of-the-road content, favoring safer options over adventurous pursuits. Speaking about my journey, in film, I want to keep on challenging myself and also the audiences with my versatile roles and directorial projects.”
Meanwhile, Parambrata will soon start shooting his next directorial ‘Hawa Bodol 2’ which is a sequel to the 2013 film ‘Hawa Bodol’. The rom-com will see Parambrata, Rudranil Ghosh and Raima Sen reuniting after a long time.


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