Nothing introduces affordable sub-brand CMF by Nothing: All the details – Times of India

Nothing introduces affordable sub-brand CMF by Nothing: All the details - Times of India


Creating a sub-brand out of the primary brand is a common strategy for Chinese electronics brands. Oppo created Realme, Vivo created iQoo, and Xiaomi created Redmi. However, these brands did so after they had been established for a while. Nothing, on the other hand, has done so very early on in its existence. Nothing CEO Carl Pei announced CMF by Nothing, a sub-brand that will focus on “making a new range of products that make better design more accessible.”

CMF stands for Colour, Material, and Finish. This sub-brand will focus on creating products that are well designed and affordable. Pei believes that good design should be accessible to everyone, and he hopes that CMF by Nothing will help to make that happen.
Pei was adamant that the two brands would operate independently and be managed by different teams. The idea is that Nothing will focus on high-end products, while CMF will emphasize low-cost products. It does appear to be a clever tactic to attract more users to the Nothing ecosystem.

Nothing’s premium products would appeal to consumers who are willing to pay more for high-quality devices. CMF’s low-cost products would attract consumers who are looking for a more affordable option. By having two separate brands, Nothing can appeal to a wider range of consumers and increase its chances of success.
Nothing and Pei have always talked about how tech has become boring. It is a stance that Pei once again reiterated while announcing CMF. “When you look at the value segment within the technology sector, there just isn’t a lot to get excited about. Good quality seems like a false promise,” he said.
A smartwatch and earbuds: First two products
Earlier this year rumours were rife about Nothing launching its first smartwatch. Pei confirmed that CMF will launch a smartwatch and a pair of true wireless earbuds. It will be interesting to see how the design philosophy of the two product lines will be. Nothing has garnered acclaim and attention with the design of its products so far. The latest one being Phone (2).


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