Nintendo’s next-gen Switch could be coming in 2024 – Times of India

Nintendo's next-gen Switch could be coming in 2024 - Times of India


It has been nearly six years since Nintendo brought the Switch, and since then, we have seen a couple of new handheld consoles, including a refresh for the Switch itself, the Switch OLED. Now, it seems like the next-generation Switch is on the cards for next year, as sources suggest that Nintendo is preparing to launch a second-generation Switch in 2024.

According to insiders who spoke with Video Games Chronicle, third-party developers already have access to the hardware being developed for Nintendo’s next console. The console is expected to launch in the second half of 2024. The same launch window was also confirmed by sources who spoke with Eurogamer. Earlier this year, Nikkei Asia also stated that Nintendo’s next console will be released after the spring of 2024.
Sources familiar with the development, the second-gen console will still be able to be used as a portable device like the Switch. However, two sources suggest that Nintendo may use an LCD screen to reduce costs, which would be a downgrade, considering that Nintendo did release a Switch OLED two years ago.

Nintendo is trying to keep the costs down in order to accommodate more storage in a device. Upgrades to internal hardware, such as the CPU, GPU, or memory, can increase production values and result in larger game sizes, which would require more storage. The first Switch’s storage can be expanded using microSD cards, so the same can be expected for the second-gen console.
The upcoming Nintendo console is expected to retain the slot for cartridges that can hold physical copies of games.
According to the report, it is uncertain whether the new console will be backward compatible. However, during a recent earnings call, Nintendo hinted at finding ways to keep current Switch users interested as they transition into the next generation, so it is believed that the new console will have backward compatibility.
Switch sales have gone down for the second consecutive year, and even the first-party games have not been doing great numbers for Nintendo. So, a new console would make sense to prevent further losses, and it is being said that the release window of the second half of 2024 is quite probable.


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