Nikhil Kamath, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Pledge Rs 50 Lakh, Viewers To Decide Which Charity Gets It

Nikhil Kamath, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Pledge Rs 50 Lakh, Viewers To Decide Which Charity Gets It


Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath and Biocon Founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw have pledged Rs 50 lakh to charity during the 7th episode of Kamath’s podcast show, ‘WTF is’. The philanthropic initiative aims to support a democratically selected charity, with contributions from Kamath and his podcast guests. Kamath had earlier announced that each episode of ‘WTF is’ will donate a substantial amount to the chosen charity, and the final decision will be determined by the listeners or viewers through voting.

During the podcast, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw also opened up about the struggles and how she was considered a “high risk.”

“I was 25 years old, I was a young woman, I had no business experience, I had Rs 10,000 in my bank and I was trying to start a strange business called biotech which nobody understood. And I was high-risk in the eyes of everyone that I had to meet, starting with bankers,” she said. 

“Bankers didn’t want to touch me. I just wanted a credit line and in those days, there was no venture funding… it was debt finance. I wanted a loan and I wanted a credit line. I found it impossible because of all the reasons I just mentioned,” she said.

Elaborating on the process, Zerodha Co-Founder Nikhil Kamath wrote on Twitter: “Your voice matters, and every vote matters. The charity with the most votes wins democratically. So please join us. Let’s show the world the power of unity in making a difference.”

Viewers need to go to YouTube to vote and the deadline is August 4 at 8:00 pm IST. 

‘WTF is’ podcast offers casual yet intellectually stimulating conversations with friends and industry experts, exploring their professional journeys and life beyond business.


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