New Kia Seltos GTX+ DCT Petrol Review With Advanced Driver-Assistance System

New Kia Seltos GTX+ DCT Petrol Review With Advanced Driver-Assistance System


Previously we tested the HTX+ with an iMT clutchless manual but this is the top-spec GT Line and comes with added features along with a 7-s-speed DCT automatic with paddle shifters. The GT variant also looks different as seen with 18-inch alloy wheels plus dual exhausts at the back along with tweaked bumper designs. Inside, it’s not an all black look as instead the GT versions get white inserts. The DCT also packs in drive modes which changes the instrument cluster view. This top-spec Seltos gets a 360 degree camera, powered handbrake plus ADAS features too.

Let us talk about ADAS first and it gets three radars and five cameras for ADAS Level 2 features. The feature list includes FCW (Front Collision Warning), FCA – JT (Front Collision Assistance) – Junction Turning, LDW (Lane Departure Warning), HBA (High Beam Assist),BCA (Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist),  SCC w/ S&G (Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go) etc. We tested a lot of these features on smooth and well marked Nagpur roads and it worked perfectly especially the Smart Cruise control with Stop and Go plus the warning when a car approaches as you reverse out or even the lane departure ones.

Now the driving bit and here the 1.5l turbo when paired with the 7-speed DCT makes for a fast SUV. It is faster than the iMT and is easier with smoother shifts when compared to previous DCTs. However, in Sport mode the shifts are too aggressive and the power delivery too sharp. That said, you can have some proper fun as it is quick and the gearbox shifts fast while you also get paddles which we used a lot. Switch back to the other modes and it is relatively calm and easy to drive for everyday use too. The light steering and the smoothness is shown here. Efficiency has improved over the earlier DCT 1.4L turbo but it is still sensitive to your driving style.

Moving to ride and handling, the Seltos feels quick and sure footed with less roll. That said, the ride on these 18inch wheels is too stiff and the overall suspension is firm as well. The HTX+ on smaller 17s did a better job and the ride was less stiff. So as a featured packed SUV with loads of performance, the GT Line works but it is too firm for our roads due to the 18 inch wheels and that you need to keep in mind.

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