National Lipstick Day: 4 Unique Lipsticks By Indian Celebrities That Redefine Classic Shades

National Lipstick Day: 4 Unique Lipsticks By Indian Celebrities That Redefine Classic Shades


New Delhi: As lipstick enthusiasts far and wide prepare to pucker up and celebrate National Lipstick Day, it’s time to pay homage to the iconic makeup essential that has adorned the lips of glamour for decades if not centuries. But, before that, let’s know a little bit about National Lipstick Day.

National Lipstick Day is celebrated on July 29 and is a fun celebration of one of the most popular makeup products. Ancient Sumerians were most likely the first to apply lipstick. Crushed gemstones adorned not just their lips, but also their eyes and face. Lipsticks were also popular in ancient China, where beeswax was used, and in Ancient Greece, when courtesans put berry-derived colours on their lips.

While classic shades hold a special place in our hearts, some celebrity lipsticks have taken these must-haves to a whole new level with their elevated twists. These four unique lipsticks not only promise to be the perfect addition to your makeup bag but also offer a touch of glamour, sophistication, and innovation that only A-listers can bring. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a devoted lipstick aficionado, these iconic shades are bound to leave a lasting impression on your beauty repertoire.

Prepare to be captivated by luxurious formulas, dazzling finishes, and a touch of celebrity magic as we indulge in these exceptional lipsticks, each carrying a delightful twist that sets them apart from the crowd.

Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif – Matte Drama Lipstick in Snapshot

Kay by Katrina Kaif emerged from the actress’s vision of bridging the gap between high-quality beauty products and the aspirational Indian woman. Additionally, Kay also prides itself on being a vegan and cruelty-free brand that showcases a triumvirate of Kolor, Kover, and Kare for a guilt-free glam experience. 

Kay Beauty Matte Drama Lipsticks are a powerhouse for achieving luxurious matte lips with long-lasting commitment. Feather-light and comfortable for an entire day’s wear, this creation is enriched with nurturing grapeseed oil and red raspberry, which moisturizes your lips while safeguarding them from the clutches of sun damage and blue light exposure. In their treasure trove of 24 captivating shades, each is crafted to flatter all Indian skin tones. The shade “Snapshot” is a beautiful mauve-nude companion for everyday adventures.

Lovechild by Masaba – Luxe Matte Lipstick in Paan-tastic

Lovechild by Masaba is a cosmo-wellness brand that dances to the rhythm of self-love, embracing empathy and individuality at its vibrant core with its inclusive range cleverly designed to bridge the gap between nurturing care and delightful artistry. 

Their Luxe Matte Lipsticks boast a creamy matte composition that paints your lips in a lush velvet finish, while the indulgence of Vitamin E showers them with antioxidant and nourishing goodness. Packed with cocoa butter and moisturizing jojoba oil, these lipsticks pamper your lips, leaving them nourished, soft, and irresistibly smooth. The deep wine hue of their shade, “Paan-tastic,” artfully captures the essence of bold and long-lasting lip stains, in a tasteful manner. 

Starstruck by Sunny Leone – Intense Matte Lipstick in Bronze Beauty

Star Struck, at its core, echoes Sunny Leone’s vision to bestow beauty enthusiasts with high-quality, affordable, and cruelty-free makeup products that can be their partner-in-glam every day. Additionally, the brand has earned itself a devoted global following. 

Their highly pigmented Intense Matte Lipsticks merge luxury with performance, boasting a nourishing blend of Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, granting a singular luxurious and effortless application. The creamy formula combined with a matte finish lends a daring touch on a seamless glide. Today, our spotlight shines brightly on the beguiling shade “Bronze Beauty” from this collection. It is perfect to playfully brighten up the glam for any skin tone from fair to deep. 

Manish Malhotra Beauty by MyGlamm & Manish Malhotra – Hi Shine Lipstick in Rose Romance 

Manish Malhotra Beauty is an haute couture makeup brand that ventures into the realm of beauty, extending Manish’s vision beyond the fashion runway. Alongside a fusion of elegance and the finest innovation, this brand’s products are 100% cruelty-free.

The brand’s Hi Shine Lipsticks boast a harmonious symphony of even textures, in which intense colors and velvety, glossy textures ensure a steadfast allure that refuses to fade away. Experience precision with the ingeniously designed curved bullet, ensuring a flawless and exact application. The shade in “Rose Romance” is a pout peer in a peachy pink to elevate your sunny smiles with pop and glitz.


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