Motorcyclist recreates 3 idiots’ scene: Delhi Police replies ‘Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe Bina Challan Kare’ – Times of India

Motorcyclist recreates 3 idiots' scene: Delhi Police replies 'Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe Bina Challan Kare' - Times of India


In yet another act of foolishness on the roads, a motorcyclist seemed to have been recreating an iconic scene from the Aamir Khan-starring blockbuster movie ‘3 idiots‘ wherein the lead actor is seen riding a scooter in front of an ambulance carrying his friend, trying to move traffic away and reach the hospital quicker. However, the only hurry that the miscreant seems to be in this case is to probably gain views and likes on social media platforms.

The motorcyclist is seen riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle without a helmet, with a lady riding pillion while a kid is seated between the two.

Furthermore, none of the three people are wearing a helmet or any other protective gear for that matter. The song ‘Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe‘ from 3 idiots is playing in the background, while the rider acts as if he is in a hurry, riding in a zig-zag manner and signaling other road users to give way to him. Here’s the video of the act –

Taking cognizance of the matter, Delhi Police replied with their own sarcastic version of ‘Instagram reel’, handing over a Rs 15,000 challan to the motorcyclist, calling it ‘Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe Bina Challan Kare’. The charges include: Allowing unauthorised person to drive (5/180 MVA), entailing a fine of Rs 5,000 and driving without a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) (115 CMVR 190 (2) MVA), calling for an additional Rs 10,000 challan. The vehicle RC is also claimed to have been seized.

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TOI Auto urges its readers not to indulge in such menacing acts for validation on social media. It is dangerous not only for the person that is involved in such stunts, while also for other road users.


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