Monsoon Eye Care: Tips To Prevent Eye Diseases Such As Conjunctivitis In Children

Monsoon Eye Care: Tips To Prevent Eye Diseases Such As Conjunctivitis In Children


By Dr Prabhu Vijayaraghavan

As monsoon arrives with continuous rains this season, the chances of eye infections such as conjunctivitis and various corneal infections also increase. The rainy season can bring in these various eye-related issues due to increased humidity and the presence of waterborne infections. Children are more prone to these infections. Hence, it is very important to take good eye care of one’s child’s eyes.

Here are some tips for monsoon eye care for children:

Maintain hygiene: Children must be constantly encouraged to wash their hands frequently, especially before touching their eyes or face. This will help to prevent the spread of any infections.

Avoid rubbing eyes: Ensure to teach children not to rub their eyes with dirty hands, as it can bring in bacteria and irritants. If they experience itching or irritation, teach them to wash their eyes gently in running water. This will also help to remove dust, irritants, and potential infections.

Use clean towels and tissues: Make sure children have access to clean towels and tissues to wipe their eyes. Do not share towels or as it will spread infections.

Use protective eyewear: If children are playing outdoors during the monsoon, provide them with sunglasses or protective eyewear to shield their eyes from dirt, rainwater, and harmful UV rays.

Avoid waterlogged areas: It is very important to keep children away from puddles and waterlogged areas. Children often like to have fun in or around such places. Bacterial infections prowl around unhygienic water. It is also vital to protect our eyes from rain splashes as they bring dirtiness that is harmful to our eyes.

Avoid swimming in contaminated water: Discourage children from swimming in stagnant or contaminated water, as it can harbour bacteria and parasites that cause eye infections. Chlorinated or well-maintained swimming pools are a safer option.

Maintain a healthy diet: Include foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E in your child’s diet. These vitamins are essential for maintaining good eye health. Include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds in their meals and encourage them to drink sufficient water daily.

Basic hygiene and proper eye care can go a long way in avoiding and preventing infections. By keeping your eyes healthy you can cherish and enjoy this blissful season of rain with ease.

(The author is a consultant at the Cornea & Refractive Department, Sankara Eye Hospital, Coimbatore)

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