McLaren’s Jake Hughes clocks 218.71 kmph indoors! New world record – Times of India

McLaren’s Jake Hughes clocks 218.71 kmph indoors! New world record - Times of India


Formula E driver Jake Hughes has entered the history books by setting a new Guinness World Record title for the fastest speed achieved by a vehicle indoors, reaching an astonishing 218.71 kmph.

This British driver accomplished this feat in the GENBETA car, an innovation and development program created by Formula E and the FIA.
The all-electric GEN3 race car, equipped with 400kW of power and modifications by championship partners SABIC and Hankook, was put to the test on the unique indoor and outdoor race track at the ExCeL London events arena.

The record-breaking attempt took place in the form of Formula E’s popular ‘Duels’ qualifying format. Jake Hughes, representing the McLaren Formula E Team, went head-to-head with Lucas di Grassi of the Mahindra Racing team to achieve the highest speed indoors.

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During the record-setting runs, both drivers consistently surpassed the previous world record. In the end, Jake Hughes emerged as the official Guinness World Record title holder with a top speed of 218.71 kmph, securing victory in the thrilling duel against di Grassi.
The competition was intense, with both drivers breaking the previous world record eight times on a 346-meter straight section of the indoor race track.
The GENBETA car with enhancements included an increased battery power output of 400kW, softer tyre compounds for better grip, and 3D printed aerodynamic components such as front wing endplates, wheel fins, and a wind deflector.
Additionally, Google Cloud’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Vertex AI, was used to analyze real-time telemetry data and provide speed, power, and grip recommendations to both drivers, optimising their performance across the three attempts.


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