LG’s New Bilingual AI Software, Exaone 2.0 Is Here

LG's New Bilingual AI Software, Exaone 2.0 Is Here


South Korean tech major LG has launched an upgraded variant of its artificial intelligence (AI) software, which was originally launched in 2021. Called Exaone 2.0, the new AI model was unveiled on Wednesday by LG AI Research, which is the AI lab under LG Group. LG’s Exaone 2.0 can be used to make new materials and medicines, the media has reported. According to company officials, Exaone 2.0 AI can think, learn and make decisions “like a human” based on its computing infrastructure capable of large-capacity calculations which enable it to learn large-scale data on its own, says a report by Korea Times.

LG’s new AI software, Exaone 2.0 has studied about 350 million images and 45 million specialised documents, which also includes patents and papers secured through partnerships.

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“LG is the only company in Korea that has commercialized both bilingual and bidirectional multimodal AI and developed the top 1 percent expert AI that understands and discovers knowledge of the world,” Bae Kyung-hoon, Chief of LG AI Research, was quoted as saying by Korea Times.

Exaone 2.0 has been developed as a bilingual model that is able to understand and answer both in Korean and English at the same time, as the latter is used widely. It is also claimed to learn over four times more data than the previous AI model.

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This comes at a time when AI has taken the industry by storm and LG’s homegrown rival Samsung is also contemplating integrating ChatGPT, the viral AI chatbot to its smartphones via the browser. Samsung Internet browser is pre-loaded on the company’s Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets, which makes it a widely used browser. A recent report by Android Authority said that the South Korean tech giant is likely considering integrating ChatGPT into its Samsung Internet Browser app.

However, Samsung’s ChatGPT integration plans are not detailed yet. It is important to note that the smartphone major is exploring the integration of AI-powered features to enhance user experience.


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