Laptop: Apple, Samsung, and others stop laptop import to India after the government’s curb – Times of India

Laptop: Apple, Samsung, and others stop laptop import to India after the government’s curb - Times of India


Major laptop manufacturers have halted new inbound shipments of laptops and tablets to India due to the government’s sudden curb on imports without a licence.

Apple, Samsung, and HP are some to name, according to Bloomberg, that have halted laptop imports to India.
On Thursday, August 4, the government of India announced new curbs on the import of laptops, tablets, and PCs, in order to push manufacturers for manufacturing in India, promoting its Made in India initiative.

A notification from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) declares that the import of laptops, tablets, all-in-one personal computers, ultra-small form factor computers, and servers is now restricted with immediate effect.
According to the government’s regulations, buyers must obtain licences for importing laptops and tablets. This applies to all kinds of computers, including ultra-small ones and tablets, which must be licensed before importation. However, some types of PCs that fall under the capital goods category are exempted from this requirement.
The notification further states that import licences will only be exempt for up to 20 items per shipment for purposes such as research and development, testing, benchmarking, evaluation, repair and return, and product development.
According to anonymous sources, laptop manufacturers were expecting some government actions to encourage domestic production and decrease dependence on imports. But, the recent imposition of licensing requirements came as a surprise to the industry.
Manufacturers are currently in talks with the government regarding the most efficient way to acquire a licence during a time of increased consumer demand due to the upcoming Diwali season and back-to-school sales in the country, sources told.
A senior official from the technology ministry said that companies importing laptops, tablets, and other IT products from overseas will have a minimum of one month to apply for import licences. Further, the government is also streamlining the application process, which can result in approval in as little as one day.


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