IPhone: iPhone, iPad sales drop as Apple’s revenue clocks at $81 billion – Times of India

IPhone: iPhone, iPad sales drop as Apple’s revenue clocks at $81 billion - Times of India


The iPhone is perhaps one of the most easily recognised devices in the world. It is also the flagship product in Apple’s portfolio but it looks like sales have hit a bump. Apple announced its quarterly results and posted quarterly revenue of $81.8 billion, which was down 1 per cent year over year.

The revenue from iPhone was slightly down compared to last year. Apple revealed that the revenue from iPhone stood at $39.67 billion, which was 2% down from the corresponding quarter last year. In India, however, Apple saw record revenue with double-digit growth in the country. Apple also said that it saw a lot of “switchers” — those shifting from Android to iPhone — in the quarter, mainly in China.
Traditionally, this is a ‘slow’ quarter for Apple as the next iPhone is just around the corner. Buyers generally hold on to their iPhones for a bit longer in anticipation of what Apple will bring with the new iteration.

iPad, Mac down; Apple Watch, AirPods up
The numbers for iPad don’t make for a good read for the Cupertino-based company. Revenue from iPad was down as much as 20% compared to last year and was $5.79 billion. Mac did better but revenue was still down by 7% in the quarter.
In terms of hardware, the one category did show growth for Apple was Wearables. Revenue from Apple Watch AirPods, others was $8.3 billion, up 2% compared to last year.
Services division — iCloud, App Store among others — saw strong growth for Apple. Revenue from Services was $21.2 billion and up from $19.1 billion compared to last year.
“We are happy to report that we had an all-time revenue record in Services during the June quarter, driven by over 1 billion paid subscriptions, and we saw continued strength in emerging markets thanks to robust sales of iPhone,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.


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