Invicto Vs Innova Hycross: Both Cars Creating Buzz, Know The Top Differences In Specifications

Invicto Vs Innova Hycross: Both Cars Creating Buzz, Know The Top Differences In Specifications


Both the Innova Hycross and the Invicto have caused quite a buzz in the market especially with the Invicto coming in as the most expensive Maruti. However, with a strong order bank and interest, it is clear that there is an appetite for a premium Maruti but what are the actual key differences between the Innova Hycross and the Invicto. Here are the top four ones.

Styling is where both have a change especially the Invicto which has a double chrome slat plus new look headlamps with the Nexa three block LEDs along with a tweaked front bumper with a different skid plate. There is also no hybrid badging on the side like on the Hycross plus the Invicto gets smaller 17-inch wheels vs 18s on the Hycross. The rear tail-lamp design is also different. There is no change in terms of the dimensions.

While the Hycross has a lighter dual-tone upholstery with black and brown used on the inside, the Invicto gets an all-black look plus instead of silver, it uses gold accents.

The Features list is very much similar to both the cars but there are some differences with the Invicto not getting ADAS, JBL audio or the Ottoman seats. Else, both get a 7/8seater configuration with the same touchscreen plus other major features.

The Hycross also comes with a 2.0l petrol along with a hybrid but the Invicto does not get this as it is available with a hybrid powertrain only with fewer trims.

The Hycross price range is huge and stretches from the Rs 18.8 lakh mark to Rs 30 lakh plus for the top-end. The Invicto is cheaper but has a higher starting price with only the strong hybrid on offer with a price range from Rs 24.7 lakh to Rs 28.4 lakh. Plus, due to the huge waiting period, the Invicto might be available for buyers earlier while the massive Nexa sales outlets are also a factor.

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