Instagram Image AI Feature: Instagram wants to use AI to tell you if an image is real or ‘fake’ – Times of India

Instagram Image AI Feature: Instagram wants to use AI to tell you if an image is real or ‘fake' - Times of India


So far, Meta’s approach to AI hasn’t been customer facing. Microsoft, Google have been using tools that can be used — or are beneficial directly — by users. Meta’s AI work has been more in the background. However, it looks like Meta will use AI a bit more directly. According to reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram may soon have a feature that will tell users if an image has been generated using AI.

Paluzzi shared a couple of screenshots which showed labels that detailed if an image was created using generative AI tools. “The creator or Meta said that this content was created or edited with AI,” reads one of the labels. There are other labels as well, including one which tells if the image has been generated by Meta AI. Another label reads “content created with AI is typically labeled so that it can be easily detected.”
Meta was one of the seven big companies that met with US vice president Kamala Harris and pledged to use AI responsibly and safeguard user interests. Interestingly, one of the things that the company had committed to was letting users know if any content has been created using generative AI. “Watermarking audio and visual content to help make it clear that content is AI-generated,” is one of the measures that companies will take.

Meta’s ‘different’ approach to AI
What Meta is also doing — something Google, and OpenAI are cautious over — is that it is making its AI tools open source. In other words, it is giving developers, companies access to copy, modify or reuse for their own benefits. In February 2023, Meta announced that LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI) will be available for those “affiliated with organisations in government, civil society, and academia; and industry research laboratories around the world.”
The company has also an AI partnership with Microsoft.


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