How to install a dash cam in your car at home: Step-by-step guide – Times of India

How to install a dash cam in your car at home: Step-by-step guide - Times of India


With the technological advancements in the automotive sector, OEMs in India are enhancing the list of features offered with their cars, besides just prioritizing on fuel economy. The focus, now more on the safety of the passengers and the vehicle itself, has led to the introduction of dash cams in mass market products.

A dash cam ensures that the driver can focus more on the road, without having to worry of mishappenings as it enables the driver to have hard evidence in case of road incidents. Additionally, this small device will also deter traffic rules violators and miscreants breaking laws on the road.
If your car doesn’t have a factory-installed dash cab, fret not, you can easily fit one in your car. Installing a dash cam in your car can vary depending on the model and brand, but here’s a general step-by-step guide you can follow.

Choose the dash cam
Select a suitable dash cam that fits your needs and budget. Consider features like resolution, night vision, and parking mode.
Gather tools
You’ll typically need a screwdriver, cable clips, trim removal tools, and a power adapter (usually included with the dash cam).
Find a mounting spot
Choose a suitable location for the dash cam, typically beneath the rearview mirror and close to the windshield.

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Install the dash cam mount
Clean the area where you’ll mount the dash cam to ensure a secure attachment. Use the adhesive pad or suction cup to attach the mount to the chosen location.
Route the power cable
Conceal the power cable along the car’s interior, tucking it under the headliner and behind the pillar covers. Plug one end of the power cable into the dash cam and the other end into the car’s power outlet or fuse box.
Set up the dash cam
Adjust the angle of the camera and configure any necessary settings according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If your dash cam has a rear camera, follow similar steps to install it at the rear windshield.
Test the dash cam
Turn on your car and ensure the dash cam starts recording automatically. Adjust settings if needed.


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