How to avoid being a victim of petrol pumps frauds: Tips, suggestions – Times of India

How to avoid being a victim of petrol pumps frauds: Tips, suggestions - Times of India


Petrol pump frauds are quite common in India. Often, staff at fuel stations indulge in malpractices and frauds to cheat the customers. For instance, sometimes people are overcharged and at times, the right amount of fuel is not filled in their tanks. Sometimes, even adulterated fuel is also filled.

Here, we take a look at some tips and suggestions that will help you avoid being cheated at petrol pumps in India.
Ensure zero at the metre

Always check the metre before the attendant starts filling fuel to your vehicle’s tank. Make sure that the metre is at zero, and that the attendant resets it before they start.
Be aware of common short-fueling tricks
One common trick is for the attendant to start filling your vehicle from a higher value than what you asked for. For instance, if you ask for 500 rupees worth of fuel, they might start filling from 200 rupees and then pretend to reset the meter.
Another trick is for the attendant to distract you while they are filling your vehicle. This could be done by asking you to sign a receipt, check your tyre pressure etc.

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Ask for a quantity check
If you are suspicious that you are not getting the full amount of fuel, you can ask the attendant for a quantity check. This is a test where the attendant fills a calibrated container with a specific amount of fuel. If the container does not fill to the correct amount, then you know that you are not getting the full amount of fuel.
Refuel at a reputable petrol pump
If you can, try to refuel at a petrol pump that you know and trust. This is especially important if you are traveling to a new area. Odds of being cheated at a reputed petrol pump with well-managed staff are likely to be lower than that of pumps with minimal or no regulations on staff.
Additionally, be aware of the current prices of fuel you’re asking for and make sure the pump is charging the same.
Filling of Power Petrol
Sometimes, the attendant might fill your tank with the more expensive, power petrol, without asking for your permission. The power petrol basically contains additives to enhance the octane ratings. It won’t affect the engine of the vehicle but will cost you more.


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