Honda To Launch A Hybrid With Another SUV? — Here’s What To Expect From Elevate Launch & After

Honda To Launch A Hybrid With Another SUV? — Here's What To Expect From Elevate Launch & After


Honda has said that the Elevate will not come with a hybrid powertrain as instead, the Elevate will get a pure battery-powered sibling in two to three years’ time. Honda currently has the City which sells with a hybrid powertrain while expectations were that they will also equip the Elevate with a hybrid but instead, it will get a 1.5l petrol engine and later will get an electric version. Honda will however introduce more hybrids and its next launch after Elevate would be a hybrid although it is not clear in which segment.

Honda will bring back the hybrid in more than one car or its next car after Elevate could be a hybrid. Honda has promised that it will launch one car every year including electric SUV and hybrids. The electric SUV would be based on the Elevate while the hybrid could be a more premium product above the Elevate like a more premium SUV. Honda could be returning to other segments like the premium SUV which it vacated with the CR-V earlier.

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Hence it could be a chance that the new CR-V comes back along with other new products. Hence, after the Elevate expect more products from Honda from next year with one new car every year. We do expect the next launch after the Elevate to be a premium hybrid. The company is all set to enter the compact SUV segment for the first time and the Elevate will get a market launch towards the start of September.

The Elevate will come with a sole 1.5l petrol engine with a CVT gearbox and a manual transmission as standard. Honda currently has the Amaze and the City while now it plans to finally bring an SUV. 

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