Homemade Face Masks To Pamper Your Skin In Monsoon: Experts Share Delightful Recipes

Homemade Face Masks To Pamper Your Skin In Monsoon: Experts Share Delightful Recipes


The monsoon season drenches the land in refreshing showers, providing relief from the scorching summer heat and revitalising nature’s splendour. While the refreshing rains bring new life into our hearts, the increased humidity and moisture-filled air pose challenges for our sensitive skin. Weather changes can cause skin irritations, rashes, and allergies, making it critical to nourish and pamper our skin. During this rainy season, experts share a treasure trove of homemade face masks that promise to protect and rejuvenate your skin. These DIY face masks combine indulgence and skincare with skin-loving ingredients such as mango, banana, honey, oats, and cocoa powder.

Makeup artist Sahibba K Anand shed light on how we can avoid such skin issues and enjoy our healthy and plump skin beautifully.

Anti-Aging Mango Mask: The rainy monsoon season causes skin irritations and allergies, necessitating a soothing skincare regimen. With the anti-aging mango mask, you can combat the effects of humidity while also keeping your skin radiant. Peel and blend half a ripe mango with three tablespoons of yoghurt and one tablespoon of honey to make this simple yet effective mask. Apply the mixture evenly to your face and wait 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. The richness of the mango, combined with the skin-soothing properties of yoghurt and honey, will leave your skin glowing from within.

Banana Oatmeal Moisturising Face Mask:  When the monsoon weather dries out your skin, the banana oatmeal moisturising face mask comes in handy. Make a powder out of one-third cup of muesli and combine it with a ripe banana, one tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of coconut oil. Blend the ingredients together until they are smooth. Apply the mask evenly to your face and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Wipe off the mask gently with a warm, damp cloth, and save any leftovers for later use. The nourishing properties of banana and coconut oil, combined with the exfoliating benefits of oatmeal, will replenish your skin’s moisture and leave it soft and supple.

Chocolate Glow Mask: For a radiant complexion, treat your skin to the decadent chocolate glow mask. To make a thick sauce, combine one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of milk, and one teaspoon of cocoa powder. Allow the chocolatey goodness to sit on your face for 15 minutes before wiping it away with a warm, damp cloth. The chocolate mask will pamper your skin while also revealing a luminous glow.

Brightening Mask & Scrub: The brightening mask and scrub will restore your skin’s natural radiance. To make rice flour, grind four tablespoons of rice and combine it with enough yoghurt to achieve a smooth, thick consistency. Apply the mask evenly to your face and let it dry. When the mask has dried, gently scrub it off with damp fingers to reveal a brighter and more refreshed complexion.

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‘Its All In Your Kitchen’: Explore Nourishing Side Of Food Items

This rainy season, Sonali Sarkar, Mom blogger and certified in child nutrition and child care, shared her secrets for healthy and nourished skin. Sonali’s specially curated homemade face masks, which include masoor dal, besan, honey, and oats, provide a rejuvenating treat for your sensitive skin.

Masoor Dal Polishing Face Pack: Masoor dal polishing face pack is an exfoliating powerhouse that removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. The combination of masoor dal, honey, and raw milk nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving it with a radiant and refreshed glow.

Besan Tightening Mask: The besan tightening mask is a must-try for a natural cleanser that keeps impurities at bay. This mask soothes and hydrates your skin while providing a refreshing cooling effect during the humid weather by combining the powers of besan, curd, and rose water.

Oats Cooling Mask: The oats cooling mask is ideal for fighting bacteria and soothing inflammation. Honey’s antimicrobial properties, combined with the gentle exfoliation of oats and cucumber, revitalise and refresh your skin.

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‘In A Hurry? No Worries We’ve Got You Easy & Instant Options’

When time is of the essence, Tanya Mehra, an Instagram mom blogger and influencer certified in child nutrition, nutrition, and yoga, offered quick and instant options for your skin’s needs during the monsoon season.

Besan Haldi Curd: The classic blend of gram flour (besan), turmeric (haldi), and soothing curd gently exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces inflammation, and provides a refreshing cleanse.

Honey Haldi Lemon Juice: Reveal your skin’s natural glow with the potent mix of honey, turmeric, and lemon juice. This mask hydrates, brightens, and evens out your skin tone, making it the perfect remedy for the rainy season.

Besan Coffee Curd: Give your skin a dose of rejuvenation with the goodness of besan, antioxidant-rich coffee, and nourishing curd. This mask combats free radicals, improves circulation, and restores your skin’s vitality.

Ripe Papaya Smash: Indulge in ripe papaya for an extra treat for your skin. Rich in enzymes and vitamins A, C, and E, this natural face pack nourishes, tightens, and revitalizes your skin, leaving it with a youthful glow.


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