Google updates Work profile behaviour with Android 14 – Times of India

Google updates Work profile behaviour with Android 14 - Times of India


Google introduced Work profile in Android with Android 9 and ever since it was introduced, nothing much has changed. However, Android 14 is set to bring one major improvement to the Android Work profile, reports Android Police.
And, if you are not familiar with the Android Work profile, it allows users to separate their work from personal life without the need for a second smartphone. Within the work profile, everything from the account, apps, contacts, download and other data remains separate from the personal profile and it also brings an added layer of security to keep the data protected.
With Android 14, Google is making some changes to the work profile in terms of its functionality. And, it will make things better for Work profile users.
Google is updating how work apps behave in the background
If you have set up a Work profile on your Android device, then you must be aware that “pausing the profile” does not do what it means. Instead, it completely shuts down the entire Work profile rendering apps and services inactive and incapable of receiving notifications and updates.
With Android 14, the OS can now pause apps when users will choose the “pause work apps” button instead of shutting down the entire profile. Google has also modified the notification text as well. Earlier, it used to mention “your work apps can’t send you notifications, use your battery, or access your location.”. Now, it simply mentions that “you won’t receive notifications from your work apps.”
This certainly does not improve the overall situation with Work apps as the notifications won’t arrive when the apps are paused. However, the app can continue to function in the background which means, it will consume battery and keep accessing locations.


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