Google: Sergey Brin is back at Google working on next-gen AI model – Times of India

Google: Sergey Brin is back at Google working on next-gen AI model - Times of India


It has been a few years since Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, left the company they built from up start. Although, almost three years after the duo stepped down from their executive roles in 2019, one of them appears to be back at work, and he is helping out the company take on OpenAI.
According to a report from The Washington Journal, Sergey Brin has been present at the headquarters in Mountain View, California more frequently lately, assisting the company in its advancements in AI, including the development of ChatGPT competitor Google Bard.
Sources tell that Sergey has recently increased his participation in AI meetings at Google’s offices, a change from his previously more hands-off approach after stepping down from an executive role at parent company Alphabet in 2019.
Since ChatGPT’s launch, Brin has been more involved with Google since ChatGPT’s launch, tell the people familiar with the development. He attends meetings to review AI products for May’s developer conference and is seen at HQ events.
He has been collaborating with a team of researchers in the development of Google’s highly anticipated AI model, Gemini, according to the sources. Together, they have delved into technical issues like “loss curves,” which measure an AI program’s performance over time.
Google unveiled Gemini earlier this year in May at its annual developers conference. In Google’s words, Gemini is a highly efficient and multimodal tool designed to integrate with APIs and tools, and to enable future innovations such as memory and planning. Its purpose is to take on OpenAI’s GPT-4. Although it is still in training, the report suggests that it will be available later this year.
Brin has also been actively involved in weekly discussions about new AI research with Google employees. Additionally, he has played a role in personnel decisions, including the recruitment of sought-after researchers.
Four years ago, the founders of Alphabet elevated Pichai to the CEO role while stepping back from their daily roles. Although they still hold the majority of the voting power at Alphabet and sit on an executive board committee with Pichai, they have promised to offer only advice without daily nagging.
Brin initially ignored the Brain team’s work on AI despite leading the Google X division. He later recognized their contributions to Google’s major products. This year, Pichai merged Brain and DeepMind, an independent entity working on artificial intelligence.
According to a source familiar with the matter, Pichai is enthusiastic about Brin’s participation and has urged him to contribute.


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