Genpact: Genpact, Microsoft collaborate to equip workforce with AI tools – Times of India

Genpact: Genpact, Microsoft collaborate to equip workforce with AI tools - Times of India


Genpact and Microsoft have announced a collaboration that will allow the global professional services firm’s workforce to access Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service and enable them to unlock new opportunities to implement generative AI capabilities for clients. Genpact will support its employees’ use of generative AI tools through comprehensive training programs and resources.

Genpact has identified multiple opportunities to leverage large language models (LLMs) to drive enterprise efficiencies in areas such as transition management, global service desk management, infrastructure management and others.
Generative AI can help companies improve employee productivity and enhance operational efficiency and agility, allowing Genpact’s business teams to develop use cases in order to solve several day-to-day challenges enterprises face.

Azure’s cloud infrastructure coupled with the flexibility of the Azure OpenAI Service will help accelerate these solution development.
“Generative AI’s potential to drive innovation is unprecedented, and by democratizing access to this technology, including Microsoft Azure’s powerful AI tools, we continue to foster our culture of innovation, experimentation, and knowledge across our more than 115,000 global workforce,” said Vidya Rao, chief information officer at Genpact.
“Our continuous learning environment helps clients optimise AI’s rapidly evolving landscape, and we’re excited to leverage Microsoft’s AI tools to revolutionise the way we approach problem-solving,” Rao added.
This relationship with Microsoft builds on Genpact’s deep expertise in AI innovation and its experience with LLMs across numerous industries, including consumer goods, retail, life sciences, healthcare, hi-tech and financial services.
“Genpact is an innovator in combining AI and advanced analytics, and we are pleased to collaborate with them to expedite the development of new solutions that empower enterprises to strategically use generative AI for business value,” said Sangita Singh, general manager IT&ITES, Microsoft India.
“Microsoft Azure AI, combined with Genpact’s industry knowledge, operational expertise, and experience in running processes for Global Fortune companies, will be a powerful combination,” Singh added.


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