‘Game of Thrones’ fan writes George RR Martin’s last two books in the series by using ChatGPT – Times of India

'Game of Thrones' fan writes George RR Martin's last two books in the series by using ChatGPT - Times of India


The TV series ‘Game of Thrones‘, based on George RR Martin’s magnum opus ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘, was a huge hit on TV. However, many fans were quite disappointed with the last two seasons of the TV series, which were not based on the last two books in the series as they aren’t published yet. And while the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ is over, fans continue to wait for GRRM to complete writing his books in the series.

Now, news is that a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan finished writing the last two books in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series using ChatGPT, after waiting for over 12 years for the the next book ‘The Winds of Winter’ to be out!
According to a report by IGN, Liam Swayne of GitHub used AIto writing the two books, namely: ‘The Winds of Winter’, and ‘A Dream of Spring’.

With the help of ChatGPT, Swayne outlined the two books and then wrote the chapters following Martin’s distinct writing style. However, unlike Martin the AI chat bot didn’t kill any of the major characters in the story.
Talking about using ChatGPT for writing and completing GRRM’s books, Swayne said as per the report, “Large language models can be very scary, but this project makes me more optimistic about the future of writers and AI. This project demonstrates that large language models like ChatGPT can take hundreds of pages of text into account when making a narrative decision, which could help writers quickly fix plot holes. It also shows that AI can only do what has been done many times before.”
He further added that while he took the help of AI to write the books, he doesn’t believe that AI can replace writers any time soon. “This project has given me confidence that AI won’t be replacing unique literary works any time soon. I believe the AI had trouble writing character deaths specifically because most writers (and consequently, most of the training data) are hesitant to kill off major characters. This is part of what separates George R. R. Martin from other writers: his stories make unconventional, surprising decisions. At this point, AI can only do what is most commonly done, which means it struggles to create stories that aren’t by the books. To my surprise, I’m more confident than before starting this project that writers making creative and unexpected decisions are not replaceable,” he said.
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