EPFO’s Process For Applying For Higher Pension Is Simple, Says Labour Minister Rameswar Teli

EPFO’s Process For Applying For Higher Pension Is Simple, Says Labour Minister Rameswar Teli


Minister of State for Labour and Employment Rameswar Teli informed Parliament on Monday that the process of applying for higher pension on the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) ‘s unified portal is easily understandable, simple, and in adherence to the Supreme Court’s order last year. 

Replying to a query about whether the government has taken note of the criticism against the difficult process of higher pension submission and its impractical requirements, Teli, in his written statement to the Lok Sabha, said, “The process in unified portal for submission of joint options for higher pension is simple and easy to understand and contains simple requirements as per provisions of Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Scheme, 1952, Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS), 1995 and the judgment of the Supreme Court on November 4, 2022.”

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He further said the EPFO has directed its branch offices across the country to assist the applicants in filing these online forms, as reported by PTI. He also explained the joint option under paragraph 26 (6) of EPF Scheme, 1952 predates EPS, 1995 and is not a recent requirement. However, in respect of the joint option in this clause, uploading proof is not mandatory and it can be filed anytime prior to the grant of pension wherever the due contributions and administrative charges have been fully remitted to the EPFO. 


The Supreme Court upheld the Employees Pension (Amendment) Scheme (EPS) 2014 in a ruling in November last year, raising the pensionable salary cap to Rs 15,000 a month from Rs 6,500 a month and permitted employees along with their employers to contribute 8.33 per cent of their actual salaries (if it exceeded the cap) towards the EPS. 

Following the ruling, the EPFO gave an option to its subscribers and their employers to opt for higher contributions jointly as per the actual basic wages (exceeding the Rs 15,000 ceiling) on the portal. 

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