ChatGPT’s new feature will make its responses personal – Times of India

ChatGPT's new feature will make its responses personal - Times of India


ChatGPT can tweak answers as per user prompts but it would be better if the responses are already modified according to users’ requirement. The AI-powered chatbot by OpenAI is doing exactly that by introducing custom instructions for ChatGPT.
The company is rolling out custom instructions that will give users more control over how ChatGPT responds. Users can set certain preferences, and ChatGPT will keep them in mind for all future conversations.
Consider these preferences as filters that you use while shopping for your favourite shoe on the app. Just like you select colour, size, and brand, among others, ChatGPT will allow you to set certain ‘rules’ while responding.
“ChatGPT will consider your custom instructions for every conversation going forward. The model will consider the instructions every time it responds, so you won’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation,” OpenAI said.
For example, you are a cook and you make food for a family of four. You can set a custom instruction saying that whenever you ask for a recipe from ChatGPT, the ingredients and the cooking techniques should be according to the food generally needed to feed four people.
So, when you ask ChatGPT about the recipe and ingredients for preparing, let’s say, Carbonara, it will tell you the quantity of raw material needed to make the dish for four people.
Custom instructions for ChatGPT feature is available in beta starting with the Plus plan and will be expanded to all users in the coming weeks. The feature is available globally except in the UK and EU.
How to set custom instructions
ChatGPT Plus users can start using custom instructions by opting into the beta for custom instructions.
On the web, click on your name > Settings > Beta features > opt into Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in the menu when you click on your name going forward.
On iOS, go to Settings > New Features > turn on Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in settings.


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