Burger King Brazil Introduces ‘Barbie’ Themed Burger With Pink Sauce

Burger King Brazil Introduces 'Barbie' Themed Burger With Pink Sauce


The excitement surrounding the ‘Barbie’ movie has transcended into our food as Burger King Brazil launched a new burger featuring pink sauce in anticipation of the film’s release. In celebration of the movie, Burger King Brazil has transformed its logo into a vibrant pink hue and introduced a range of new items on its menu. The newly launched ‘Barbie’ combo offers a delightful blend of a burger, cola drink, French fries, and a pink vanilla milkshake with a doughnut adorned with pink glazing.

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The highlight of the ‘Barbie’ burger is the inclusion of a delectable pink sauce with a smoky flavour paired with a potato patty. In a creative nod to the movie’s pink theme, a Burger King outlet in Sao Paolo has embraced an entirely pink-themed decor to commemorate the film’s release.

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The introduction of the Barbie-themed burger has triggered mixed reactions from customers. Some expressed their enthusiasm, with a few even expressing their desire to travel to Brazil just to try this unique culinary creation. However, others likened the pink sauce to a digestive tablet, humorously suggesting it resembled “pepto bismoll infused into the burger”. 

As the ‘Barbie’ fever continues to grow, Burger King Brazil’s inventive approach showcases the movie’s influence in diverse aspects of daily life, enticing food enthusiasts to try this playful and eye-catching addition to their menu.


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