Bhumi Pednekar on the evolution of her fashion, pay disparity, sexism and ‘The Lady Killer’ with Arjun Kapoor – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Bhumi Pednekar on the evolution of her fashion, pay disparity, sexism and 'The Lady Killer' with Arjun Kapoor - Exclusive | Hindi Movie News - Times of India


Bhumi Pednekar celebrates her birthday today and the actress has been only going upwards ever since she made her debut in 2015. One sees her evolution as an actress on-screen, but more than that, one also sees how confident she is off-screen. She shot 6 movies last year and most of them haven’t been announced yet. Off-screen, one sees her come out in full glory on social media, as far as the fashionscene is concerned.Not to mention, this side of her is quite the opposite of the roles she chooses.
Ask her if it’s a conscious move and she says, “I enjoy fashion immensely. As a young adult, when I dreamt of being an actor, I wanted to play very glamorous parts. I think the vanity part of being an actor excited me equally as the performance part of it. But as I grew up and dived into the world of films I realised that I enjoy doing risky films, and films that don’t necessarily have the glamour in the world. Later, I realised, as an actor I have another platform where I can showcase this other side of mine. I enjoy fashion, I enjoy beauty. I had a transformation where I became very comfortable with who I am. I started being my authentic self and that’s why I was confident enough putting myself out there. I feel that’s why this evolution of fashion has happened for me. For the longest time, I stuck to the rules, I did what I was told to, maybe because the film people may not see me in such a way. But in the larger scheme of things, who I am is away from my film image and I should celebrate that as well!”
As far as evolution is concerned, she’s also quite confident to speak up on issues like pay disparity. But, does success or more years in the business reduce these challenges? “Definitely. While you have other challenges coming with success, atleast things like inequality reduce. But is it enough? I don’t think so,” says Bhumi.
She further points out that women face sexism everywhere. “I feel the pay disparity is still immense. I obviously come from a place where I understand the business and I’m not trying to compete with someone who has achieved a lot more than me. I always speak about pay disparity in the means of keeping myself as an equal to the opposite gender who has achieved as much as I have and who can draw as much audience to the theatre as I can. But our social conditioning is such that me just being a woman in the times that we live in, there’s casual sexism we face on a daily basis and that’s not in our workplace alone. It’s at many levels. But of course, as you achieve a certain amount of success, it does reduce. I wouldn’t lie. But, as I said earlier, it’s not enough.”
Ask Bhumi if recognition or accolades have made her fearless and she says, “I’ve always been a little fearless where my choices are concerned. But you always have moments where you question your choices. There are so many reasons why a film is loved or not loved. And many a times when it’s not loved, you think if you did something wrong. But this is the ethos of my career. I need to stick by work which I enjoy doing. I am in this profession because it makes me happy. It makes me feel complete and whole as a human being. I want to diversify in life but I’ll always be an actor first. You have to remind yourself why you are in the profession and you have to keep reminding yourself to choose cinema that you want to be associated with.”
While she’s had a great year, her fans can be rest assured that the coming year would also promise exciting stuff from her. Bhumi will be seen sharing screen space with Arjun Kapoor in ‘The Lady Killer‘. Talking about it, she reveals, “I can’t speak about all the films I’ve shot, because there’s no announcement made. But everyone knows about ‘The Lady Killer’ which I am doing with Arjun Kapoor. It’s a film that has really challenged Arjun and me. And the audience hasn’t seen us look or perform this way in the past. This year has come as a spectrum where I’ve tried to do many different genres.”


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