Barbie Movie’s Makeup Artists Prioritize Unique Beauty, Reject Plastic-Like Look

Barbie Movie's Makeup Artists Prioritize Unique Beauty, Reject Plastic-Like Look


“Barbie,” directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie, has exceeded all expectations, garnering widespread acclaim for its captivating characters’ fashion. The talented team behind the film’s character designs has opened up about their creative process.

During an interview with E! News, the film’s makeup artist, Ivana Primorac, shared insights. She revealed that during the early stages of production, they considered giving the characters plastic seams, skin, and hair in an attempt to mimic the iconic doll’s appearance. They eventually rejected this approach, however, because Barbies have a special beauty in every child’s imagination. Creating a phoney, plastic-like image did not fit with their goal of preserving Barbie’s natural allure.

Instead, the team concentrated on making each Barbie and Ken character distinct and genuine. Their goal was to make sure that each character was the best version of themselves. To accomplish this, meticulous attention was paid to every detail, from their skin tone to their hair colour, resulting in dolls that are both relatable and extraordinary.

While the characters in the film did not have a plastic appearance, the team incorporated doll-like elements with great skill. Every detail, including the elbows, ears, and heels, was meticulously considered to achieve an almost airbrushed effect.

Ivana highlighted the emphasis on high-quality finishing, ensuring the characters’ hair appeared voluminous and their skin exuded a radiant, luminous glow. Creating the perfect Barbie look presented its challenges for the makeup artist.

She shared, “It was pretty difficult to cheat the makeup. I wanted her skin to look fresh at all times.” Nonetheless, there was plenty of room for fun, especially with cheek and lip colors. Margot Robbie, playing Barbie, actively participated in the process, choosing her lipstick and blush shades according to the specific costumes she adorned. The makeup team set up a dedicated shop with 50 shades of red and pink, allowing Robbie to pick the most fitting shade for each outfit.

Primorac believes that beauty is at the heart of Barbie’s personality. She did, however, acknowledge that the film’s brilliance lies in its exploration of broader themes, such as individuality and the celebration of beauty in all its various forms.


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