Are Buyback Schemes Worth It? Now Jeep India Is Offering One — All You Need To Know

Are Buyback Schemes Worth It? Now Jeep India Is Offering One — All You Need To Know


Some manufacturers are now offering buyback schemes and the latest is Jeep India which is offering its  Jeep Compass and Jeep Meridian with a buyback scheme. This is valid on all variants of these two SUVs and under the Adventure Assured program, the buyback scheme guarantees a buyback of up to 55% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom cost for 3-year and 4-year term and mileage of upto 20K Kms / year.

So are buybacks worth going for? Yes, especially in terms of premium cars like Jeep or other premium cars since with this the customer is less hesitant to pick up the car with a buyback scheme in place.

This scheme also makes sense for those who keep their cars for a shorter time and change their cars frequently within 3 years. Hence, if you want to change or upgrade this buyback scheme saves time in selling your car.

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As mentioned above the buyback scheme limits the number of kilometers that you can drive hence, if you also do not drive so much then this buyback scheme is worth going for. However, the other bit is whether the buyback price is similar to the market price that you get and mostly it is while also saving you the hassle of selling it. Another crucial point is that a buyback scheme assures against future regulations particularly diesel cars which Jeep is selling.

Hence, for something as premium as the Jeep Compass or the Meridian a buyback scheme is worth it if you drive your car carefully within the km limit and keep it for a shorter time. The buyback scheme is also available with many luxury and premium cars also while being more popular in the luxury segment. 

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