Apple: Apple sets new iPhone record in India, says CEO Tim Cook – Times of India

Apple: Apple sets new iPhone record in India, says CEO Tim Cook - Times of India


It has been quite a year for Apple in India as the company opened its first two retail stores. Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India and spoke about the immense potential country has to offer. Now, during the company’s investors’ call after announcing quarterly results, Cook doubled down on Apple’s focus on India and the significance it holds.

Cook admitted that Apple’s market share in the country remains low as India is predominantly Android territory. “We still have a very, very modest and low share in this smartphone market, so I think it’s a huge opportunity for us,” he told investors. He further said that Apple is putting all of its energies to ensure that its market share increases in India. A recent report by IDC reveals that Apple is the seventh biggest player in the Indian smartphone market with around 7.7% market share. This number has gone up in the last couple of years and Apple wants to build on that momentum. “We continue to work on building out the channel and putting more investment in our direct-to-consumer offers as well,” he said.

The going has been good for Apple

Cook also revealed that Apple hit a quarter revenue record in India and grew in strong double digits. The Apple CEO was buoyed by the response to its first two stores in India. On April 18, Apple opened its flagship outlet — Apple BKC — in Mumbai and two days later followed it up with another store in New Delhi. “We also opened our first two retail stores during the quarter and of course, it’s early going currently, but they are currently beating our expectations in terms of how they are doing,” he told investors.
Cook emphasised the fact that Apple ought to be doing well as India is the second-largest smartphone market in the world. “We are very pleased with our growth there,” he added.


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