Ai Appreciation Day: AI Appreciation Day: Startup CEOs on technology’s giant leap and potential – Times of India

Ai Appreciation Day: AI Appreciation Day: Startup CEOs on technology's giant leap and potential - Times of India


Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day is celebrated on July 16 each year. The day aims to honours artificail intelligence technology’s positive contributions to humanity. It also highlights AI ethics and encourages conversation about AI and ethics. Here are some quotes from CEOs of Indian startup industry on the significance of AI Appreciation Day.
Aakrit Vaish, CEO and Cofounder, Haptik
“Although India didn’t pioneer AI, our expertise lies in harnessing its potential for practical applications. We excel in transforming AI science into tangible, user-friendly products. Generative AI is set to revolutionize the Indian SaaS industry, fostering inclusivity and accessibility. By leveraging generative AI technologies, we will witness a democratisation of software as a service, empowering businesses of all sizes. This technological shift will open doors to innovation, fuel entrepreneurship, and create a level playing field. India’s ability to convert AI science into actionable solutions positions us at the forefront of this transformative journey, shaping the future of the Indian SaaS landscape.”
Vinod Nair, Sr Vice President, India Operations, Noventiq
“AI, a catalyst for digital transformation, plays a pivotal role in empowering companies in India and beyond. By unraveling complexities, analyzing vast data, and driving innovation, AI propels us towards a future brimming with possibilities. Its intelligent algorithms and cognitive prowess inspire the quest for knowledge, pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible. Together, let us embrace AI as a force for positive change, as we unlock its full potential for the advancement of companies and society at large.”
Debdoot Mukherjee, Chief Data Scientist and Head of AI, Meesho
“A day dedicated to recognizing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a day to be celebrated. On Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day, we need to embrace the vast impact AI has on various industries and society, combined.”
Nishant Behl, Founder of Expand My Business
“As technology continues to advance, we anticipate AI playing an even more integral role in transforming industries. From personalized customer experiences to predictive analytics, AI will enable businesses to further tailor their offerings, anticipate market trends, and deliver exceptional value to customers. As we celebrate AI Appreciation Day, we eagerly await the limitless opportunities that artificial intelligence presents. Gear up for a thrilling future where AI consistently propels businesses towards unthinkable achievements.”
Atul Rai, Co-founder and CEO, Staqu Technologies
“On this AI Appreciation Day, we commemorate the extraordinary impact of this remarkable technology, which has already revolutionized numerous lives and possesses immense potential for further advancements. At Staqu Technologies, we take immense pride in being active participants in this transformative journey. However, we recognize that ensuring credibility and factual accuracy is a crucial aspect where AI can improve. We firmly believe that government intervention and the implementation of policies that facilitate easier source tracking of information would be a game changer, fostering credibility and trustworthiness. Together, let us persist in harnessing the power of AI to shape a brighter future for all.”


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