2023 Maruti Suzuki Brezza Automatic Vs Manual — Which One To Choose

2023 Maruti Suzuki Brezza Automatic Vs Manual —  Which One To Choose


A recent update has meant that Maruti Suzuki has removed the mild hybrid feature on the manual petrol Brezza and it now remains on the automatic Brezza while also not being there on the CNG version. The mild hybrid system on the Brezza is similar to other cars like the more premium Grand Vitara which also comes in mild hybrid form. The Brezza has a 1.5l petrol engine while the automatic is a 6-speed torque converter. With the mild hybrid removed on the manual which is more efficient then?

Well, the Brezza automatic for now is the most efficient iteration of this compact SUV with a mileage of near 20kmpl. Earlier the mild hybrid manual gearbox had the highest mileage at 20.15kmpl while now the manual mileage has dropped below the automatic. The manual Brezza is still vastly cheaper than the automatic Brezza with a huge price difference but the dropping of mild hybrid tech has certainly affected the mileage while we have not yet driven the new manual Brezza.

In terms of the driving experience, the torque converter automatic is smooth, convenient and efficient while also getting paddle shifters which help. The manual though is a slick 5-speed and is also fun to drive. The automatic Brezza is much better than the earlier automatics on this compact SUV especially the AMT on the earlier Brezza. Hence, if the budget allows, then the automatic is still the best Brezza with its convenience but the manual still offers better value with a huge price difference plus it is also easy to drive with a light clutch. 

Despite not offering diesel-like rivals, the current Brezza has been more successful than its predecessor with just a single 1.5l petrol engine.

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